Communication can be both verbal (e.g. explosive, kind, sharp-tongued, loving, etc.) and nonverbal (e.g. art, dance, the look, music, letters, stories, etc.) Each one of us is unique in how we choose to express ourselves and each of us interprets another person utilizing our own set of biases, expectations and assumptions (making an ASS out of U and ME). Most of the time, empathetically listening to your partner and your partner in turn feeling as if he/she is being heard is enough to elicit positive change in any relationship. Learning to communicate is key, whether one or both choose to stay together or separate. Counseling is helpful in providing a safe place to discuss challenging topics that arise in relationships. As your private practitioner, I will assist you with: 

  • building a foundation when first starting out;
  • repairing a relationship after there has been a loss of trust;
  • handling being away from each other due to demands of work (e.g. deployment);
  • accepting yourself and significant other when there is conflict with differences (e.g. religion, parenting styles, etc.)
  • attempting to date again after losing a significant other to death, infidelity, etc.                                                                                                   And more...


Alendus Counseling 

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