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Alendus Counseling 

There is no simple way to define family. Some say it is a blood relative, others call friends "Framily." Regardless of who you decide to include within the bond of family, it is important to have a connected relationship with those you love and depend on. When things go wrong, it can be devastating, lonely and excruciatingly painful.  As your family therapist, I am here to:

  • facilitate in building communication amongst family members;
  • help in comprehending the value & support you can provide a loved one who suffers from mental illness or disability;
  • assist with understanding individual and family roles  (e.g. the leader, the peacemaker, the protector, etc.);​
  • collaborate with you in defining how each family member contributes to the success and failures of the family; 
  • develop family-tailored goals (e.g. creating rules/ boundaries, etc.) to help you find a more meaningful and fulfilling experience with loved ones;
  • ​And much more...