Old adults, young adults, and those who can't wait to be adults (teens)... Forget the stigma that counseling means there is something wrong with you. On the contrary, counseling is an investment to your overall health and wellness by helping you to move past the challenges of work and/or school, by combatting depression, anxiety, uncomplicated grief, anger, guilt, or shame.



Alendus Counseling 


Family issues can occur in even the healthiest of families- arguments, resentments, differences of opinion. Watching your loved one (or even yourself) struggle or hurt through any trial is difficult enough, and even more so within a family setting where members have different needs and preferences. Family counseling will help you to learn to communicate these needs more effectively and to find ways to work better as a supportive team.

Being a Service Member prepares one to think on their feet and adapt to an ever changing environment.Yet it can also come with hidden costs: a strained relationship with self or a loved one; management of the emotional and/or physical aftermath of deployments (e.g. PTSD, divorce, discharge, etc.); or reintegration into a society that has a different value system or mindset. Counseling will assist you in gaining back confidence in your ability to be independent and strong.

No longer accepting new clients.

Relationships  don't come with a handbook. They can be difficult... and then life happens. And sometimes life becomes much worse. You wonder how you got to this place. How you lost sight of what was most important. Where to go from here. What to do now. How to fix the situation or get out. Couples counseling (Christian-based upon request) will help in determining your next move.