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​                                                     During my undergraduate program, I was asked by a professor if I would be interested in participating in an upcoming research project on                                                      Veterans. I didn't understand then the far-reaching affects this effort would extend. We built over a 100-page document of questionnaires to                                                      better evaluate the experience of a Student-Veteran at UTSA. We had almost 100 Veterans participate in providing input. Then came the                                                          analysis. Since that time, UTSA has made strides to be able to deliver a more productive experience for those coming off of active duty,                                                          whether through ETS, mobilization/ deployment, or training. Because of the efforts of those participating in this project, the USAA                                                                      Foundation has even sponsored a study room dedicated to UTSA's Student-Veteran Population complete with new furniture, information on                                                      Veteran Services offered, electrical outlets and a library of works focused on Veterans specifically.

                                                     Upcoming is the BOOK LAUNCH and Student Veteran panel for Adapt and Overcome: Essay on the Student Veteran Experience​. All                                                                proceeds from the book sales will benefit the UTSA Student Veteran Association (SVA) whose mission is to "serve as the primary advocates                                                      and the voice for student veterans, their families and their non-traditional student associates pursuing academic and professional studies                                                        at UTSA." Come support our current and future Student Veterans today by writing a review on Amazon and joining us for the Book Launch Event October 26, 2016. 


Best Practices for Your Practice: What They Did Not Teach You In Graduate School

Presented by Kenda Dalrymple

This program provides a lively discussion of the most common situations that lead to conflict and dissatisfaction between clients and counselors.  Special emphasis will be given to strategies for avoiding problems, tips for handling risks appropriately, and pragmatic suggestions for protecting a private mental health practice.  This program will incorporate a discussion of Texas statutes and Board Rules that are important to counselors in private practice.  ​

Event: San Antonio Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (SAAMFT)

Time: Tuesday, October 18, 11:00AM-2:00PM

Location: Our Lady of the Lake University, 411 SW 24th Street, Library

Cost:  (3.0 CEUs and snacks)

FREE for 2016 SAAMFT Members and Subscribers
for Non-Members
for students (with CEU certificate)
for students (without CEU certificate)

to Laurie Charles (


Opioids: The Legal and Illicit Abuse (SEPTEMBER 2016)

Mental health professionals can expect approximately 50-60% of their clients to have problems that originate from their own or a family member’s alcohol or drug problem. The occurrence of comorbidity of mental health issues and substance abuse problems is approximately 60%. The effects of addiction are everywhere and yet the behavior is often hidden or unrecognized until the invisible appears, usually with dramatic results.

How do we as mental health professionals and relationship gurus advise and console the hurting who provide us dialogues like: They were prescribed by my doctor so it is okay for me to take them. The pain I am experiencing is only alleviated by these substances.  The epidemic of prescription drug abuse and addiction is destroying families and young lives all over the country. This disease does not discriminate and devastates lives regardless of culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, education, gender, or religious upbringing. Reggie D. Lawson, MA, LMFT, LPC, LCDC will share knowledge, experience, and techniques that will assist in your being able to ask the correct questions, assess the situation, and provide the better clinical and caring information to assist the individual and/or families to recovery from the effects of these mind changing substances.


The Face Behind the Mask: the Truth About Sexual Assault Survivors (APRIL 2016)

Presented by Brandi Cuevas, M.S.

Many survivors of sexual abuse report feeling as though they go through life wearing a mask, unable to be true to themselves or others. This façade is usually colored by what is socially appropriate and acceptable: smiling, happy, okay, doing fine… Under the mask all the aftermath processes (e.g. depression, suicidal ideation, financial costs, physical memories, etc.) take place to include the struggle to hide what is really going on. In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), we will talk about fighting the stigma of sexual assault, prevention strategies, the role of an MFT, and available resources for survivors.

No longer accepting new clients.


One in five minds is hosting the Texas premiere of "No Letting Go," an award                                                                                                                                       winning film about one family's journey to understanding their sons' mental illness,                                                                                                                             followed by a Q&A with Randi Silverman, the screenwriter and mother behind the film.

Watch the
trailer here.

Where: The Santikos Palladium IMAX Theater 

When: January 21, 2017 

Doors open at 9:15 a.m. and the movie begins at 10:00 a.m.

Tickets are $10/person. Includes refreshments and Q&A with Randi Silverman. 

This is also your opportunity to meet with 14 local agencies specialized in helping                                                                                                                             children and adolescents who experience mental or emotional behavioral disorders.

For event and ticket information visit: 

***This film is PG13. Given the complex and difficult situations presented in the movie, we encourage parents to use caution and recommend not bringing children under the age of 13.